Companies are objects that describe accounts in EdgeIQ's system. All users belong to companies, and all access to the system is by means of a user's token. Further, all objects in the system belong to a company and have a company_id. So, companies are fundamental to the user of EdgeIQ's system.

Creation and Management

Your company's account must be set up by an EdgeIQ customer success representative as part of our customer onboarding process. After that, your company can be managed through the EdgeIQ Portal or API.

Portal Branding

Users are able to specify some branding elements in order to customize the portal to the company's brand. These are:

  • A logo. The logo will be displayed in the upper left of the portal, above the navigation.
  • An icon. The icon will be used as the portal's "favico", which is displayed on browsers in various locations associated with the web page, such as on tabs.
  • A primary color. The primary color will be used in the header, many interactive elements throughout the site, and in a slightly modified desaturated form, for some disabled elements and navigation.
  • An optional logo background color. If a company logo isn't meant to be displayed on a white background, a logo background color can be chosen instead.

If any of these parameters are left blank, default EdgeIQ branding will be used for that value instead.


Your company may choose to make your branded portal available to any users you create in order to manage access. You may also choose to create company accounts of your own, which belong to your company alone. You can create as many of these as you wish, with their own branding, users, devices, and so forth, and company accounts under those in turn; as deep a hierarchy as you need.