Reports are messages generated by devices in order to indicate their current state.

The report identifies the device that created the report, the time the report was generated, the device's company, and the unique id of the device. Any type of device specific data is available in the payload field.

Here is an example report:

    "id": "5c3139265886f0001fe8d6",
    "device_name": "unique-device-id",
    "device_datetime": "2018-01-05T23:09:26.168Z",
    "created_at": "2018-01-05T23:09:26.168Z",
    "payload": {
      "temp": 123.4
    "seq": 0,
    "company_id": "company-id",
    "device_id": "5c2fddb0447a60001bd233"

When listing reports, the list is generally returned with the most recent report first. Many hundreds of thousands of reports will probably exist, though. To filter the reports for a certain device, use the ?device_name=<device-unique-id> filter param.