User accounts are the means by which individuals can interact with the EdgeIQ Portal and API. User accounts belong to company accounts, but must have a globally unique user name. Users are also associated with a role, which gives them certain permissions to do things like view data, update data, and take actions on devices. Users also have tokens, which are used to authenticate calls to the API.


With an existing user account, other users can be created and assigned roles and visibility to child company accounts through the API or EdgeIQ Portal. EdgeIQ customer success representatives can help you set up and obtain credentials for the first user account for your company account.


Usernames must be unique in the EdgeIQ system, and can be any valid string. However, if the username is an email, we can help you in the case of a lost password by clicking the "Forgot Password" at the portal login screen. Some customers prefer not to use emails, and in this case, any lost password will need to be reset by an EdgeIQ customer success representative. Contact EdgeIQ support at [email protected].


Every API request must be authenticated and authorized. A user is authenticated through the portal by email and password, or to the API by placing their token in the Authorization header in the correct way. Authentication is covered in detail here.


In the same way that every API call is authenticated per user, every call is also recorded and attributed to a user. In this way, API usage can be audited to monitor activity.