System Command Jobs

System command jobs are instances of executing System Commands. To execute a System Command, create a system command job via POST to /system_command_jobs, as in the documentation below.

Template Variables

The system command related to the system command job will potentially have variables to be replaced in the template fields for path, body, and headers. The template_variables field on the system command job object contains the variables to be replaced in the templates in a JSON object, i.e.

"template_variables" : {

Request Fields

There are three fields on the job object that describe the executed command. These fields are automatically filled out by the system and are not meant to be populated by users.

  • request_url
  • request_body
  • request_headers

Response Fields

There are another three fields that contain the response from the downstream system.

  • response_status_code
  • response_headers
  • response_body


As the job is processed by the EdgeIQ system, it moves through these statuses, stored in the status field:

  • created - initial status
  • complete - when the request is complete after receiving a 200 status code
  • timeout - when the request times out. Execution will not be re-tried at this point.

Output Variables

When the job is complete, variables will be extracted from the response body according to the output_variable_templates defined on the system command.