Example - BACnet Ingestor

Example - BACnet Ingestor

This ingestor will start a BACnet listener that will poll on port 47808 every 30 seconds with a read request for the "Analog Value", instance 1 object's "Present Value" property. The output of the listener (float64) is then passed directly to the template translator via the passthrough handler. The translator then uses the template ('script' field) to generate an EdgeIQ Report.

Ingestor JSON:

  "name": "BACnet Ingestor - Temperature",
  "cloud_ingestor": false,
  "device_ids": [

  "listener_type": "bacnet",
  "listener": {
    "host": "",
    "port": 47808,
    "poll_interval": 30,
    "timeout": 5,
    "params": {
	    "request_type": "read",
	    "object_type": "analog_value",
	    "object_instance": 1,
	    "property_id": "present_value"

  "handler_type": "passthrough",

  "translator": {
    "cloud_translator": false,
    "name": "BACnet Translator - Temperature",
    "script": "{\"device_id\":\"bacnet-device-5839\",\"payload\":{\"temperature\": {{.output}}}}",
    "type": "template"

Generated EdgeIQ Report JSON:

  "device_id": "bacnet-device-5839",
  "payload": {
    "temperature": 66.43