To install the Edge local service, you'll need the following:

  • EdgeIQ account ID
  • Device ID - as configured in EdgeIQ (defaults to eth0 MAC address)
  • Your Network Manager (netplan, nmcli, etc)

These requirements should also be met:

  • Administrative access to your device
  • Gateway device has Internet access
  • Gateway device pre-configured in EdgeIQ Cloud (via API or web portal)
  • Hardware architecture must be one of these: x86, amd64, mips32/64, armv5/6/7, arm64

Ports and Domains:

The edge client calls to the following domains and ports, which must be accessible by the edge client


  • port 1883
  • port 443


  • port 443 (not 1883)
  • port 443

Disk space:

  • 20-30MB for Edge
  • Additional 20-30MB for Edge updates
  • Enough storage for messages to be stored from endpoints - application specific
  • Space for any software updates - application specific

Linux tools:

  • wget or curl for install script (manual installation only)
  • tar
  • sed
  • grep
  • /bin/sh or /bin/bash
  • reboot

Process manager:

  • systemd (preferred)
  • sysv (acceptable)
  • Can be configured for others

Application management:

  • systemd

Secure Communications:

  • Root certificates installed
  • Python 3.7 for Greengrass monitoring

Network tools — if you need a network configuration (required for GG HA Groups):

  • ifconfig
  • wpa_supplicant if wifi configuration needed
  • network configuration files in standard locations
  • iptables
  • sysctl
  • rsync
NOTE: Various installations of Linux (such as OpenWRT) may have preferred tools that should override these requirements and require configuration of Edge. In these cases, a custom device onboarding process may be necessary

If any of these requirements cannot be met, please contact EdgeIQ Support at [email protected] or 857-999-3343. You can also contact your EdgeIQ Customer Success contact for additional instructions.