Relay Data to EdgeIQ

It's possible, if desired, to add a policy action at the edge to relay data into the EdgeIQ cloud for testing or debugging. These relay actions are rate-limited at the edge to one every ten seconds per device.

Here is an example:

  "company_id": "<your company id>",
  "active": true,
  "description": "Relay all data to EdgeIQ Cloud",
  "then_actions": [
      "type": "relay",
      "action_frequency": null,
      "retries": 0,
      "retry_timeout": 0,
      "clear": false,
  "else_actions": [],
  "rule_condition": {
    "type": "true"
  "cloud_rule": false

This policy action can be helpful for debugging or as an interim step in building a set of policies for a solution, but it is not meant for "production" use. EdgeIQ's reports should not be considered the "system of record" for your device's data, and part of the power of our solution is that data from the edge can go directly to enterprise systems or third-party cloud accounts without passing through ours, simplifying the problem of dealing with data privacy and regulations.

Data stored in the EdgeIQ cloud is subject to our Data Retention Policy