Create & apply a Network Configuration for a Gateway Device

In this guide we will walk through configuring the wlan0 and eth0 interfaces on a gateway device. The first step is to define the interface connections on the Device Type. Navigate to DeviceOps > Device Types and select your Device Type. From the left select Connections and then select Add Connection.


In the pop up window, select the Connection Type and enter the Connection Name (interface name). For this example we will select WiFi and then enter wlan0. Repeat this step for all network interfaces that you would like to manage.


Next navigate to DeviceOps > Configs and select Create Config.


In the pop up window enter a Name for the config and select the Device Type that we just created in the previous steps. Additional form fields will appear below.

For an Ethernet-WAN connection, you will need to toggle Enabled to enable the interface and toggle NAT if this interface should provide network address translation for other interfaces. Then enter select IP Assignment and enter the appropriate network & IP information.


For a WiFi connection, you will need to toggle Enabled on or off, toggle Hidden Network on or off, then enter the SSID and Password/Secret, select WiFi Authentication, Encryption, and WiFi Mode. Then select the IP Assignment and enter network & IP information if applicable.


Once you are finished, select Create Config. Next we will apply the configuration to a gateway device. Navigate to DeviceOps > Devices and select your gateway device. On the left side panel, select Add A Network Config.


In the pop up window that appears, select the Config that you just created in the previous steps and then select Save.


Finally select Update Config on the device page to have the gateway device update and apply the new configuration.