Installation Using Manual Method

This article explains the steps and commands necessary to install the Edge local service manually.

Step 1 - Change folders to the /opt directory. If you need to install to a custom location, replace /opt with your location.

cd /opt

Step 2 - Download the edge-assets package.


Step 3 - Extract the archive. You should see an edge folder inside the /opt folder.

tar -zxvf edge-assets-latest.tar.gz

Step 4 - Download the edge binary and make an executable.

Options for device architecture are: arm5, armhf, arm64, arm7, or amd64.

wget[YOUR_DEVICE_ARCHITECTURE]-latest -O ./edge/edge && chmod +x ./edge/edge

Step 5 - Change to the edge directory and remove the default conf files.

cd ./edge
rm ./conf/bootstrap.json ./conf/conf.json

Step 6 - Create new json config files using the following commands (example configuration).

cat << EOF>> ./conf/bootstrap.json
  "company_id": "[YOUR_ORGACCOUNT_ID]",
  "identifier_filepath": "/opt/edge/conf/id.json",
  "platform": "",
  "init_system": "",
  "network_configurer": "",
  "local": false,
  "install_dir": "/opt",
  "network_configuror": ""
cat << EOF>> ./conf/conf.json
  "edge": {
    "manufacturer": "generic",
    "model": "linux",
    "env": "prod",
    "local": false,
    "bypass_and_relay": false,
    "init_system": "systemd",
    "identifier_path": "/opt/edgeiq_bootstrap.json",
    "ui_port": 9001,
    "api_port": 9000
  "mqtt": {
    "broker": {
      "protocol": "ssl",
      "host": "",
      "port": "443",
      "username": "edge",
      "password": "Dmn2LKZNcYSBd1PAbRMcmEKBG8EDpRjxc0BB5A==",
      "escrow_token_path": "/opt/escrow_token"
    "topics": {
      "upstream": {
        "report": "reports",
        "heartbeat": "reports/hb",
        "config": "config",
        "action": "action",
        "new_version": "new_version",
        "lwt": "lwt",
        "status": "status",
        "log": "logs",
        "gateway_command_status": "gateway_command_status",
        "deployment_status": "deployment_status",
        "error": "error",
        "escrow_request": "escrow_request"
      "downstream": {
        "config": "config",
        "command": "commands",
        "new_version": "new_version",
        "gateway_command": "gateway_commands",
        "escrow": "escrow"
  "platform": {
    "url": ""
  "aws": {
    "greengrass": {
      "heartbeat_port": 9002

Step 7 - Start edge manually

At this point edge should start up and after a few seconds pull down an updated configuration. If you receive an error, please copy and paste it into a support ticket or send to [email protected].


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