Publish Data to an AWS IoT Core Topic

To route data to an IoT Core Integration that you have created, you will need to create a policy. Navigate to Orchestration > Policies and select Create Policy. In the New Policy tab that appears, enter a Policy Description, make sure Active is toggled on, and select On The Edge.


Under Condition, select Always Execute, and then select the Device(s) or Device Type(s) that you want the policy to apply to.


Then click +Action and select Update AWS IoT Shadow from the drop down. Select your AWS IoT Core Integration that you created in previous steps from the Integration drop down and you can leave the Body Template blank to simply relay the full report payload. Select Create Policy once you are done.


Finally, we need to tell our gateway device to update it’s configuration so that it can begin relaying data to IoT Core. Navigate to your Device (DeviceOps > Devices > [Your Gateway Device]) and select Update Config. Once your device updates it's configuration, it will begin routing data from the edge directly to AWS IoT Core.


If you experience issues with a device Integration such as AWS IoT Core, you can see integration-specific errors by navigating to Management > Messages > Integration Events.


Once you have data routing into your IoT Core destination, you can configure Rules within AWS IoT Core to perform actions on this data, such as routing data to an AWS service for analysis or long-term storage.