Create a Gateway Device Configuration

The second step in onboarding your device is to define the device and associate it with the device profile that you just created. From the left-side menu, click Management > Devices . Then click + Create Device.


Type in the device Name, Unique ID, and Serial number (if applicable). Also, if you have multiple sub-accounts, choose the Organizational Account that the device will be assigned. Click the Next button to move on to the next step.


In the Device Configuration step, choose the Device Type that you created previously. Optionally, choose the type of Local Logs and Forwarded Logs, and then click Next.


In the Extra Information step, type in any tags that you want to associate with your device, choose any Policies that you want to apply, choose a Location, and optionally customize the contents of the Heartbeat Report. Click Next to continue.


In Device Relations, you define a gateway-endpoint relationship, if it's applicable in your case.

When you're done, click the Review button to review the entire device configuration. If everything looks good, click the Create Device button.


A new page will appear that displays all of the information for your device. The configuration of your gateway device is complete.