Get your first device online

You can get going quickly with EdgeIQ by performing a few simple tasks:

  • Get your first device online
  • Issue your first software update
  • How to transfer a device or escrow
  • Configure device logging and pull logs
  • Configure your first sensor data ingestor and policies
  • Configure an alert policy

Learn how to do these tasks in the sections below.

First, you’ll need to add a device type. Then, you add a device that corresponds to this type. In our example here, we will enter a Raspberry Pi as a gateway device type.

Add a device type

Follow these steps to enter a device type:

Step 1 — In the menu, navigate to Management > Device Types.
Step 2 — Click the small + or + Create Device Type button at the top of the page.


Step 3 — In the popup window, enter a Name, Manufacturer, and Model.
Step 4 — From the drop-down, choose a Type Designation.
Step 5 — Use the toggle buttons to decide if you want to support firmware upgrades and/or IP tables.
Step 6 — Click the Save Type button to close the popup window and add the device type.


Step 7 — The new device type will appear in the Device Types page.


Add a device

Follow the steps below to add a device of the Raspberry Pi 4 type:

Step 1 — In the menu, navigate to Management > Devices.
Step 2 — To add a new device, click the small + button.


Step 3 — Enter a device Name.
Step 4 — Enter a Unique ID.

ID must be unique: The ID must be unique, and it is case-sensitive. If you are creating a gateway device and use the default auto discovered unique id, the unique ID should be all lowercase.

Step 5 — Optionally, enter a serial number.
Step 6 — From the drop-down, choose an Account.


Step 7 — Click the Next button.
Step 8 — From the drop-down, choose a Device Type. For our example here, we choose the type created in the previous section, Raspberry Pi 4.
Step 9 — Optionally, choose a Device Integration, and which entries you want to appear in the Local Logs and Forwarded Logs.


Step 10 — Click the Next button to move on. Optionally, complete the Extra Information and Device Relations.
Step 11 — In the Review, ensure that all the information is correct and then click the Create Device button.


After a moment, the device will appear on the devices page. Here you can edit the device, perform an action, view alerts, and see many other types of information pertaining to this device.


Click Devices to return to the Devices page and see your device.


Now that you've seen an overview of how to create a gateway device, you can see the complete process in Onboard your first device.

If you prefer, you can learn how to Install the Edge Local Service.