File Management for Edge

The EdgeIQ Web Application supports Requesting and Sending files to and from a device which has the Edge Local Service(EdgeIQ Coda)installed on it.

This guide details steps on how to use the EdgeIQ File Management Feature.


  • EdgeIQ Coda v3.0 or above installed on the Gateway Device.
  • File Management Ability turned on for the Device Profile

Request Files from a Device

  1. From the Device Details Page navigate to the Device Activity Section on the Right Pane and select Recent Gateway Commands from the dropdown menu:

  2. Select the Issue Gateway Command

  3. From the Command list on the Issue Gateway Command menu, select Request File from Device

  4. Provide a File Path for the file that needs to be retrieved from the device

  5. Select Issue Command

  6. Navigate to the device details page and refresh to reload the list of recently executed gateway commands

  7. Select Recent Gateway Commands from the drop down list

  8. View the status of the recently executed file transfer here

  9. Files requested from the Gateway are available under the Files manu on the Left Navigation Pane Nested under Accounts.

  10. Files associated with a device can also be viewed under the Files Tab on the device’s page:

Sending Files to a Device

EdgeIQ platform also supports sending files to a device.

  1. Start with navigating to the Files menu under Accounts on the Left Navigation Pane

  2. Select Upload a file from the top right corner

  3. Type in the file name and select the EdgeIQ Account to upload the file to

  4. Drag and drop or select a file to upload and select Submit

  5. Your file should appear as uploaded on the files list

  6. Navigate back to the device and to Recent Gateway Commands under Device Activity

  7. From the Issue Gateway command menu, select Send File to Device

  8. On the Issue Gateway Commands slide out menu, provide a file path and select the file that was just uploaded and Issue the Command.

  9. Monitor the status of the command from the Device Activity Section by navigating to Recent Gateway Commands

  10. Verify on the device that the file has been uploaded to the path specified.

  11. Files associated with a device can also be viewed under the Files Tab on the device’s page: